Joshua Manis

josh-manisMy name is Josh Manis, I am 25 years old from Northwest Indiana and currently reside in central Indiana. I’m engaged to my fiancé Megan. We have a 3 year old and expecting our second in December. I have been chasing waterfowl since I was 8 years old. My favorite thing about hunting waterfowl is, also the most aggravating thing, I’m always learning something new! But, from early season teal, to after work wood duck shoots on the river and late season honkers it’s the love of my life. I became a DRC crew member in 2016. I have used all sorts of calls over the last decade but DRC came up and stole my heart/lanyard. My two personal favorites are the core and the short drop. I run both of them pretty much all year long. I owe them both a lot of credit for a lot of the geese I have harvested.
Some of my accomplishments include: 2 time Indiana state duck and goose calling titles, 2nd in the us open and 2nd in the Chicagoland open.


Kendall Jeffers

kendall-jeffersI grew up in Burlington Kansas where my Dad and Grandpa started taking me hunting as soon as I could walk. The desire first came from Turkey hunting. Shortly after that, deer but a few years later, I was finally introduced to waterfowl hunting. The first memory I can recall is those beautiful green heads falling through the trees to hit the gravel bar. At that moment, I knew that there was no escaping this addiction. I found myself spending most if not all of my time and money on gas, decoys and blinds. After five years of hunting I opened up my own guide service, TKO Outdoors, where we hunt anything from corn fields, bean fields, farm ponds and the unforgettable river bottoms. I knew with these conditions, I needed to find a call company that could handle the needs of not just me but of my staff members. DRC was the home for us. So when a group of honkers are cutting across the corn field or the ol’ green-head is looking for his woman, there is only one brand of call that I will reach for on my lanyard. That is a DRC.


Drew Hommes

drew-hommesI’m Drew Hommes, 26 years old and live in West Michigan. As a child, I was privileged to be raised by a father with a great passion for the outdoors. After being blessed with my son Jaxon this year, I hope to carry on the tradition. Around age 12, I knew I carried the same passion when my punishments were being grounded from hunting instead of the television. It was around age 16 that I knew waterfowl was my true passion. From that time on, my drive for the sport has done nothing but increase after each season goes by. I enjoy field hunting for Canadian geese and any species of ducks that decide to come down for a visit. I hope to see myself on the stage in the near future. After trying numerous products and call makers it wasn’t until I found Drc Calls that I was truly satisfied. I am honored to be apart of a company who produces championship calls and treats there staff and customers as family. I appreciate DRC for being a company that strives to be the best in the industry and carries a drive similar to mine.

Mathew Kerr

matthew-kerrHaving grown up in the Central Michigan area over the past 43 years, it quickly became apparent what a rich area it was for waterfowl. People always stop and ask what the secret to the successful season is, my answer is always been the same. Get your hands on a good call, have a good hide, and finally set up the decoys in a lifelike formation. The one call company I rely on day in and day out is DRC. DRC calls are a substantial part of my successful year due to the quality of their products. I’m very hard and sometimes downright brutal on my equipment, and due to this harshness I’ve broken or chipped barrels to a lot of other call companies. DRC calls not only have held up, but continued to hold their sound despite all weather conditions. I am truly honored and blessed to be on the field staff for such a great call company.


Nick Evans

nick-evansGrowing up in the Missouri River bottoms in north central Missouri I have always had a love for the outdoors. Surrounded by fertile cropland and an abundance of wetland habitat, it’s no surprise that waterfowl hunting was atop my list of passions from a young age. From hunting blue wings on narrow sloughs and sand bar mallards to frozen corn fields and goose spreads, my obsession for the sport grew with every experience. Being a father now, I hope to pass this love of the sport on to my children. I am happy to be a part of such an innovative and equally passionate group of people here at DRC. The opportunity to staff for such a ground breaking company was something I could only dream of as a child. I hope to use this opportunity to not only introduce people to some of the best on the market, but also to inspire the next generation to appreciate and conserve this sport we love so much.


Travis Novotny

travis-novotnyI have been hunting since I can remember. That was when waterfowl hunting really got me hooked. Especially, when I first started decoying and had my first flock of honkers locked up. So I decided to open my own outfitting business here in Western Nebraska to get the younger generation hooked on the passion that I have.


John Matthews


As a young outdoorsman in South Central Ohio, like most I cut my teeth hunting whitetail and small game with my father. Then, 20 years ago, a close family friend introduced my father and I to the world of waterfowl hunting. My obsession started with a frigid river hunt, in late December, wearing overalls and using a boat to place decoys and retrieve our downed birds. Watching how the ducks reacted to the calls and cupped into the decoys was amazing. I have been hooked ever since. I am a firm believer that you get back what you put into something. Once one season ends, I am preparing for the next whether it is helping landowners, dog training, scouting out new properties, cleaning up decoys or practicing calling. I am lucky enough to have my loving wife Emily and two great children Hailey and Tyler that tolerate my obsession.


Brad Phillips

brad-phillipsAn Icy river, a shotgun, and hope have lead straight to a sickness and a career. I didn’t grow up hunting and it wasn’t until a holiday vacation when I was 14 when my uncle, who had hunted a little but not much, decided to take me for a stroll down the river to try and jump shoot some ducks. As we trudged through the snow I could hear the whistle of a duck, nearly touching the water as it zipped by. Next thing I knew, a second one came cruising two feet above the water. As I pulled the trigger, I remember the sight of the bird folding then splashing into the icy river. Not expecting to actually kill anything, we lacked waders and a dog, we made the cold wade across the river for my first duck, a beautiful drake common goldeneye. At that point I became infected with the expensive disease called waterfowl hunting. In the following years I have literally become obsessed with this sport, pouring hours into research of products and techniques to become a better hunter. Most of my success has come from trial and error. This lead me to search for gear that is reliable in the cold and wet weather and to find new and better ways to manipulate birds into my spread. My search lead me to DRC, the Rev and Core have surpassed my expectations when it comes to calls in freezing weather. All last year in the many hunts that it was below freezing never did my calls squeal or freeze up.
Funny enough from that cold icy wade as a young man I developed a career out of not having to take another plunge for a bird again. The following year I bought my first dog he was a German wirehaired pointer. After I trained him to hunt, and all the basics to be a good family dog, I realized I was pretty good at training. However it wasn’t until after I got married to my wife Ami that I started training dogs as a profession. Now four years, two kids, and a college degree in Wildlife Sciences later I run the training company I started with which is called Puppy Steps Training and I own my own kennel called Muddy Paws Training. While running my own business I know the importance of providing a product that is the best it possibly can be and DRC fits the bill.


Zach Helwig

zach-helwigWaterfowl hunting for me started out by sitting in a deer stand one afternoon. After a long day of not seeing a deer, I was nearing the end of the line. I started to climb down my tree stand when, out of no where, I heard this tremendous noise right above me. You guessed it geese! This got me thinking, why I’m I sitting in a tree stand when I could be out waterfowl hunting? Since then I have continued to expand my decoy spread and my knowledge of waterfowl hunting. I’ve been gracious enough to be with a great group of guys and ladies and a even better company. For any of your waterfowl needs. Check DRC out!