Mike Jones

michael-jonesAs a kid, I started hunting deer and rabbit with my dad. My dad grew older, as did I and he was no longer able to go. Then, my life changed when I started my own family in my early twenties. I was in my early thirties when the family dog passed on. Leaving a eight year old girl in tears. So off I went to the humane society and finding a eighteen month old blonde lab that was supposedly a lost cause. Well, I learned and so did he. Toby was the start of my obsession and I have moved on with the four labs I have now. Yes it was a dog that fueled my fire for waterfowling. Why I chose DRC? Well, they chose me. I went to the Indiana waterfowl show just to learn more about this wonderful sport. Cory at DRC calls, was the only person that would give me the time of day. I am a thirty one year employee at UPS. Service and integrity are a must for me. So, if you want the best customer service in the business then your home. The bonus is DRC calls just sound better and you get to join a great family of people. DRC calls for life. Lined up and locked forever.


Cody Knuth

cody-knuthI come from a long line of waterfowlers and have been in the goose pits since the age of three. Where I come from this is not just a sport or something we do in our spare time, it is simply what we live to do. I am lucky enough to have fallen into a great group of guys that pursue this lifestyle just as much as myself, together we have formed a filming group called Fatal Spectrum Outdoors. We travel all over central KS trying to capture our obsession through the lens of a camera. Through this lifestyle we have stumbled across some great opportunities, one of those being the DRC Call Co. This is a great organization that I and the rest of my group are honored to represent in and out of the field.
Goose call of choice – CYCO
Duck call of choice – Rev.


Brian Rogers

brian-rogersMy name is Brian Rogers. I am a 34 year old married father of 2. I was born and raised here on the famed Eastern shore. I cut my teeth with my dad, hunting big water ducks and geese at a young age. Looking forward to the days i can pass it along to my son and daughter. Throughout my college years I worked as a guide here on the shore, while pursuing my psychology degree. After college I obtained my captains license and opened Fowl Intensity Outfitters. Here on the shore we are lucky to have such diverse habitat to hunt. I can be guiding a dry field hunt out of a pit for ducks and canadas one minute, and by the afternoon we could be chasing sea-ducks on the Atlantic Ocean. With so many different species to chase, in such diverse areas, I rely on a line of calls that can seal the deal for both myself and my clients. From resident canadas, migrators or back water marshes for mallards and black ducks, DRC Calls will help you fill your limits day in and day out.


Tony Crotty

tony-crottyHi, My name is Tony Crotty and I am a Professional Waterfowl Guide in the US Central Flyway. I currently live in Western Minnesota where I guide Fall hunts along famous Lac Qui Parle National Wildlife Refuge. I have been hunting Waterfowl since I was able to acquire my firearm safely and I have been guiding waterfowl hunts for over 8 years professionally. I own and operate Mid Migration Outfitters and we run strictly DRC Calls in the field because we demand the best. In my opinion, Drc Calls are of the highest quality calls on the market and are chosen by some of the best waterfowlers in the country.

William Osborne

william-osbourneI will never forget the first time I experienced a flock of ducks fully committed to the decoys. I was 4 years old and at my brothers side, keep your face down!” he whispered as the flock drew near. I couldn’t help but stare in sheer awe at the sight before my eyes, the sound of their wings cutting the air was like nothing I have heard before. This is where my love for waterfowl and waterfowl hunting was permanently ingrained in my life. This is where my true passion for waterfowl hunting all began. Since that day, hunting has become more of a lifestyle than a hobby and I couldn’t be more proud to say that DRC Call Co. is an essential part of my lifestyle. So many times I have been asked “Why choose DRC?” My answer is quite simple. Effectiveness, reliability, and the hands down best customer service you will find in the market. Whether you are looking to earn a spot on the podium or looking to fill your freezer, DRC Call Co. is your one stop shop to make it happen.


Beau Rutt

beau-ruttBorn and raised in Nebraska. I started hunting and fishing at a young age with my dad and older brothers. My passion for waterfowl hunting began in public marshes harvesting numerous species ducks, but, my true passion is hunting Canada geese and watching them react to the calling. I take pride in all my waterfowl gear and will only buy the best; from decoys, guns, clothes, and especially calls. Over the past 20+ years of waterfowl hunting, I’ve tried nearly every brand of call made and that’s why DRC calls are the only calls that make the string.

New York

Chris Klaczko

chris-klaczkoMy name is Christopher Klaczko, I’ve been waterfowl hunting for 20 years and contest calling for 14 yrs. I am the winner of several duck and goose calling contests. My highlight of my contest career was 2013 and 2015 winning the New York state duck calling contest and qualifying for the world duck calling championship. I’ve been runner up in world qualifiers 6 times. I plan on continuing contest calling with my DRC hailstorm. I’m also going to try my hand at world goose. I also do seminars and help young people get into waterfowling whenever I can. Here in New York we go through the extreme condition’s with the weather and environment. Starting in September with 90° temps in wheat fields, swamps and ponds in October and November, to cutting holes in ice in lakes December and January. Every call DRC carries handles whats thrown or flown at it. So if you’re ready to add calls that will break some beaks and not the bank give DRC a try.

North Dakota

Ethan Staton

I got into duck hunting at the age of 10 years old when my dad brought me for the first time. As I walked back to the cabin for a bathroom break, I spotted two blue-wing teal sitting on the water within range. As soon as I tasted the first duck I ever shot, I was hooked. Growing up in central Minnesota, hunting and fishing are just a natural way of life. My dad made being in the outdoors a very integral part of my life. I now reside in North Dakota, so I get some of the best duck hunting known to man, which I am thankful for every day. What really gets my gears going is dry field mallards. Nothing gets my heart racing like mallards so locked up that they are on top of each other, upside down (that maple leaf) and just that adrenaline rush that can make a grown man shake. In my personal/work life I am a Journeyman Carpenter for McGough Construction out of Fargo, ND. I love to fish the waters of both MN and ND, going out with some friends for a few drinks after work on Friday, and just hanging out with new people. What I love about DRC is the design of the call itself, the always changing and improving gut design, the communication between Cory and all of the staff members on certain aspects of design, the customer service, and most of all, the downright honesty that you get with this company. Send Cory or TJ a sound file of yourself calling and they will give you 100% honest feedback, as well as give you suggestions on things to try to make you a better caller. Whether it be the stage or in the field. Everything is cut and dry with DRC, and that is the main thing I love besides the calls. Pure honesty and pure people willing to help others become better at calling and just life itself. If you want a great, honest, competitive, always improving company then DRC Call Company is for you!

Zach Warweg

zach-warwegIt all started before I was born. When my grandfather found out he was having a grandson he went out a bought me my first gun. A beautiful Remington 1100 Lightweight, with this gun I began to chase birds of a feather when I was able to walk. I started out on pheasants and grouse. Then I was introduced to duck hunting with my father. As I grew up, I was taught the proper way to hunt. Not just setting decoys and calling, but the use of proper tools and managing the land. Everything from building blinds, nesting boxes and managing water levels for the proper habitat. I learned and continued to excel in the outdoors. From my hunting roots I worked my way into the competitive shooting world. In a matter of six years of competition I rose to the top to become the best in the game making All- American teams 5 times and becoming the captain of the team in 2016. I also earned multiple state championships in my sport. Being in the competitive shooting circuit and hunting world has taught me a lot not only as a person but also and outdoorsmen. Threw these years of hunting and competitive shooting I have learned that the best thing you can do for yourself is arm yourself with the best equipment you can. This is why I choose to run DRC calls on my lanyard.

Kyle Lair

kyle-lairPicture this, a giant flock of geese locked up and landing in your decoys 15 yards in front of you. Your buddy whispers next to you “let’s kill them already” and you say, “not yet, wait for all of them, they are still coming.” How you got to this point in the hunt is what drives my passion for the sport. Spending countless hours scouting, nights with no sleep, setting decoys for hours in the pitch dark, and strategizing for tomorrow’s big hunt, is what fuels me to keep going. For some it’s a hobby, for me it’s a lifestyle. I got into the world of water fowling when I was 12 and my buddy needed a boat. It just so happened, I had one, so I was invited along for a hunt. After that one hunt I was hooked. All it took was one wood duck and a teal to find myself. Ever since that day 13 years ago, all I have been able to think about was the next hunt, the next adventure, the next memory. My love for the sport isn’t always about pulling the trigger, in fact, that’s my least favorite part. I achieved a life long goal of becoming a licensed guide in ND in 2015. I guide spring and fall hunts in North Dakota and love to see the smiles on the clients face at the end of the day. Anytime I can take someone new into the field and watch them have the time of their life, is a great day to me. Whether I’m out in the field with clients, friends, or just my dog and I, I need the best equipment I can get, so when it comes to calls it’s a no brainier, I choose DRC every time.


Craig Cutright

craig-cutrightGrowing up in the hills of southern Ohio, I learned at an early age to hunt and fish. Chasing squirrels and rabbits after school and on the weekends. That led to whitetail deer and a love of bow hunting. After many bow kills and competing in archery shoots, I realized I wanted something else to pursue. My dad was a wildlife officer and an avid duck hunter of 40 years, so it just came natural to follow suit into the world of waterfowl. I still remember my 1st goose hunt like it was yesterday, and 18 years later the thrill of a flock of geese locked up on a cornfield or mallards dropping in from the heavens still excites me to this day. I have worked hard to get to where I am today and I am extremely proud of my accomplishments. My waterfowl career has taken me to places I thought would never be possible and I have met many good friends along the way. Family and friends are really what it’s all about. When I started waterfowl hunting, like many new comers, I searched for the right call that fit my style of calling. After countless times of buying different calls, I finally got my hands on a DRC call and I was hooked. The ease of running a DRC call is what made my decision simple. Top that off with great customer service and leading edge designs it’s easy to see what sets DRC apart from the rest of the competition. I currently run the DRC call fanatics page on facebook to help promote and introduce DRC calls to waterfowlers across the country. Downtime finds me tuning calls, scouting, trap shooting, fishing and introducing my children to the outdoors.
I am married to my high school sweetheart, for 18 years and she is my rock and best friend. We have 3 children; my son Logan is 12 and identical twin daughters Emily and Elizabeth are 6. They support me in every way possible and have made me the man I am today.
I look forward to what the future in waterfowling holds and keeping DRC at the forefront of the industry.

South Dakota

Evan Meyer
(photo coming soon)

While growing up in Eastern South Dakota and the Central Flyway, I was very young when my interest for waterfowl started. I remember the first time I saw the spring snow goose migration. I will never forget standing in my drive way at my house and watching the wave after wave of waterfowl fly overhead. From that day forward I had an interest for waterfowl that I never would imagine that it would lead to where I am today.
I attended South Dakota State University in Brookings, South Dakota. As a freshman I signed up for my first semester and needed one more elective to fill my schedule. So happens that elective was Intro to Wildlife and Fisheries Management. From that day everything has changed. As a student I met some great buddies that had the same passions as I did. We spent many hours scouting and hunting waterfowl while in college. I would not trade any of the moments for anything. During this time I was introduced to the DRC waterfowl call company and for me was changed as a hunter. I am extremely confident that these products will help any person that is either an experienced caller or just getting into the game. Each and every person that I have worked with at DRC has helped me more that I will ever be able to return. I am very proud to be a part of such a great company that is at the leading edge of the industry.
Since I graduated from SDSU with a bachelor’s degree in Wildlife and Fisheries Management and currently employed in that field, I continue to make it a point to introduce and help other waterfowl hunters as DRC has done for me. I am always excited to talk to other waterfowl enthusiasts about many topics especially DRC Call Company Products. Only time will tell what great things will come from this incredible company!

Logan Anderson

logan-andersonI grew up a good ol’ farm boy in the heart of the prairie pothole region of Northeast South Dakota. I was born into the sport of waterfowl hunting. It’s all I’ve ever known, it’s a tradition that runs deep in my family. My father and uncles always made it a point to bring me along hunting even before I could walk or talk; looking back I think they had a notion they were creating a monster. I’ve been more than blessed with the amount of time I get to spend in the outdoors hunting and fishing. I now live in Madison South Dakota with my Wife Lacey. I look forward all year to tucking into a layout blind waiting for those green heads, and giant Boeing 747 honkers blasting up the kill hole to the boat bags; If that doesn’t get you going you need a little more dry field therapy. I’ve spent thousands of hours in the field throughout the Midwest and Canada, putting my calling skills and gear to the test. Take it from me I’ve used almost every brand of hunting gear and blown every call on the market. That’s why I have complete trust in the gear I stand by. That’s why you should trust in DRC. There not going to try and sell you on cheesy gimmicks and cheap materials, these calls are quintessential waterfowl killers. Hand crafted, born in the USA, death flutes.

Lance Bosch

lance-boschOn October 21, 1979 I was born into a large farm family in Rock Rapids, IA. Being the youngster of 10 kids, my learning experience for the outdoors started at a young age and man was it fun! My first learning experience with the outdoors was my brothers teaching me how to ride a Honda 3 – wheeler and my first crash was driving into a badger hole on the very same day while we were rounding up cattle, and boy did I have a pretty good gash from it! Ironically, this is what sparked my curiosity about wild animals. So with my curiosity ignited my father and brothers started teaching me the basic fundamentals of hunting, trapping, fishing, shooting and survival. My first gun was the Red Rider bb gun, no I didn’t shoot my eye out! As life went on, I can recall my first adventures of hunting deer and pheasant with my dad and trapping and fishing with my brothers and these are the people that I can truly thank for helping build the foundation for my love of the outdoors. Time went on and I left the family nest to venture out into the wilderness of life. I moved to Sioux Falls, SD in 2003 for work and knew nobody outside some of my family here. Through many conversations with people at work I got invited on hunting and fishing excursions. The greatest thing I learned on my excursions in South Dakota was how to hunt ducks and Canadian geese. Learning how to use a duck call and goose call to communicate with a wild animal will definitely get your heart pumping extra beats and your blood flowing faster. People talk about ” buck fever “, well I get ” goose fever “. Goose hunting quickly became the ultimate outdoor sport for me. There is nothing sweeter than putting in the time to learn how to communicate to wild geese with your call and watch them respond to your various calls by spreading their large wing span, drop their feet and set down in your spread of decoys. Fast forwarding through life I met Jeff Boer, and he invited me to join Team Wild Dakota due to my passion for the outdoor arena. Wild Dakota has presented me with many opportunities to pass on my knowledge of the outdoors to future outdoors men and women. I also work with KKIDS to help young people get involved in the outdoors. This is one of my greatest accomplishments! A recent merit that I have earned is I became a DRC Call Co pro staffer because of Tj Hauck. Tj learned quickly how much passion I had for the waterfowl industry and introduced me to the quality calls of DRC and the various opportunities that go along with DRC. There is a saying out there you get what pay for and with DRC, you will definitely pay for quality field tested tools that give you nothing but positive results. Currently I am in the midst of starting a small goose and duck hunting guide service with hopes of it becoming a one stop outfitter service for waterfowl hunting, pheasant hunting and fishing. Life is an adventure, explore it!

Lincoln Biermann

lincoln-beirmannHi, I’m Lincoln Biermann from NE South Dakota. You can usually find me out and about hunting alongside my dogs, fishing or chasing big game. I have been fortunate enough to chase fish and wild game in multiple states and always find myself trying different brands of gear, clothing, and tools to make my outings the best they can be. The reason I use DRC calls is they combine every great aspect of a product and company and plain out work! DRC Call Co incorporates quality, design, and most importantly the function ability we all want out of a product. Topped with the best customer service you can find you will be happy when you choose DRC!


Sam Porter

sam-porterHi, my name is Sam Porter and I am a 21 year old from Lubbock, Texas. I come from a southern loving God fearing family who loves the outdoors. I have always had a love for the outdoors, and when I was in high school I became a 2x state champion in trap shooting. I grew up hunting quail, dove, and pheasant with my dad on our ranch in the Panhandle of Texas. One day my dad and I drove past one of our stock tanks, and there were a ton of different ducks on it. That night he asked me if I wanted to go hunt them in the morning, and I wanted nothing more. The next day we got up, threw out a spread and shot a limit of mallards, pintails, and wigeon. I had never had that much fun hunting anything in my life. From there I was hooked, and wanted to duck hunt all the time. I am currently a senior at Texas Tech University where I am working on my bachelors degree in Agriculture and Applied Economics. I own a guide service out of Lubbock, Texas called Dirty Texas Outfitters, and we hunt upland and migratory birds. For me it is not even about shooting any birds, its about watching them work your spread and seeing the smiles on your clients face after a big shoot. I only own the best equipment, because I am a firm believer in you get what you pay for. I have studied the waterfowl industry and have noticed that DRC calls are the best there is and there is no way around that. Cory puts thousands of hours in to perfecting the duck and goose calls and this is why everyone wants them. Here at DTO we use DRC calls because they are the best!


Logan Beckstrand

logan-beckstrandWaterfowl hunting began for me at a very early age, riding my bike with my dad to the dikes of the Great Salt Lake. My passion for waterfowl has been driven ever since. Calling animals has always been a passion for me. Everything from ducks and geese to coyotes and elk. I work for many companies in the outdoor industry. I am known as a “band magnet” for always getting lucky and killing banded birds or, drawing the band in a group hunt. I am also a very accomplished archer. I have been blessed to harvest many big game animals, two of which made bow hunting record books. When I don’t have a duck call in my hand I have my bow. I am also married to the love of my life Lauren, we have one beautiful little girl named Darci. I am also the co-owner of a production company called “Mountain Marsh.” Drc is is my call of choice because they truly are the best calls I have ever had the chance to use. I have been calling ducks and geese for many years now, and I wouldn’t dream of handicapping myself by using a unsatisfactory call.


Adam Reynolds


I cannot remember a time when waterfowl hunting was not in my life. It has never been a hobby or sport to me, but a way of life. It’s not just the mud, the blood or the feathers that fuel this lifelong passion. It’s the camaraderie, the bonds and the brotherhoods that are formed. I am fortunate to live close to water with a large population of geese. It has allowed me to learn the species through listening to them, and watching their behaviors. This has helped me put many successful hunts under my belt. I pride myself in my hard work and I am very thankful for the opportunities that have come from it, both hunting and industry related. DRC Call Co has allowed me to reach new heights in calling both ducks and geese. Their superior quality is thanks to the time spent on each call. They are hand tuned, one at a time, in the USA. That’s the way things should be.

Zach Herfindahl

zach-herfindahlWe all have that obsession that gets the blood flowing and chills shooting through our bodies. Mine is fueled by waterfowl, from the Giant Canada geese to the little dynamos we call teal. The journey all started when I was a little boy, driving across the country on my first waterfowl trip. I wasn’t more than four years old and will never forget the morning that has fueled my fire ever since. Sitting in a Jon boat with my dad and grandpa trudging through a shallow Minnesota slough on our way to the duck blind. I had my Red Rider BB gun in my hands in the company of the two guys that have made me who I am today. To this day we have made that exact trip every year since to what has grown into memories we will never forget. Now days my life is pretty hectic with stuff going on 24/7 but come fall the miles on the truck double and the time in the field is never cut short. At 20 years old my life style is nothing short of the best, DRC has allowed me to accomplish my goals as being a respectable and successful waterfowl hunter in the industry. On the business side of things I make my living riding a snowmobile, I currently race professionally for Arctic Cat snowmobiles and will be competing for my fourth straight Pro stock championship in the 2016/17 winter. On more of a personal side I currently reside in Northern Wisconsin as a single homeowner, and I am now the guy that gets to pull my dad and grandpa through the marsh. DRC has helped me get to where I am today by simply producing product that is nothing short of the best. When you go in to grab your fillet knives after a successful day in the field you don’t grab the dull one, it’s always the sharpest tool in the chest. Pretty simple, DRC has the sharpest tools in the chest, they straight put birds in your face. Choose DRC and you’ll spend plenty of time behind the blade of that fillet knife.

Jordan Willis

jordan-willisAs a boy, I remember my buddies had family that went hunting and fishing. This, unfortunately, was not the case with me. Luckily, I had friends who brought me along and fully immersed me in the culture, teaching me the fun in the sport, as well as the conservation that gives future generations the same opportunities I had to hunt and fish. I had always stuck to fishing, small game, deer, and pheasant until around my sophomore year of high school.
My friends were starting to immerse themselves in the world of waterfowling, and I was invited along to give it a try. I was hooked by all of it from the start. Rivers, fields, potholes and muck filled swamps have taken over my life. I am never more centered and balanced than when I am afield, setting up decoys, spending time in brotherhood with men I’m proud to hunt with. As a father to two young boys now, I am hoping to raise them in hunting traditions that last generations.
Having almost 14 years duck and goose hunting experience all over different parts of Wisconsin, I am starting to look forward to making some trips to other states to learn more from other experienced hunters and friends to continue growing as a sportsman. I always like to live by the motto: “Learn something new each day”, because believing you are at the top does nothing but breed complacency.
I had always found myself buying the same junk poly calls that would break each year, and I was looking for a new cutting edge sound and quality call to help with wary, pressured birds. I was finally led to DRC calls from a few friends who really enjoyed the short drop. It turned out to be exactly what I was looking for. It was a new sound that nearly had honkers turning on a dime to hit the spread. I was hooked from there, and I now find myself having to choose between The Core, Short Drop, and Life Sentence on the lanyard!