The Labs of DRC Call Co. Presents Boone

Boone is one of the most accomplished #MeatDogs in the Midwest.  His size, muscular build, and intense focus are all matched with a calm laid back personality.  Boone made his waterfowl debut in the early months of 2015 chasing Snow Geese across SD’ s rolling prairie.  During that year he spent over 120 days in the field chasing Ducks, Geese, Pheasants, and Grouse.  After the ’ 15 honker season ended in MN, Boone spent a few months in TX with pro trainer, Craig Davis, Chieftan Kennels.  Cory had set their sights on a Master title for the summer of’ 16 and the team set out to achieve it.  Craig provided a great foundation for Cory to build off of and continued coaching after TX.  Boone bonds to and puts his faith into his handlers which makes him such an easy dog to train and work.

At the age of three in the summer of 2016 Boone put his mark on the retriever world. He achieved his AKC Master Hunter title while being ran by rookie owner/handler, Cory Loeffler for 4 of his 6 master passes. At their first ever hunt test it was very apparent that Boone had it figured out. He pulled the weight of his rookie handler and got his first MH pass. It went on like that for 4 passes and then Lauren Springer of Dynamic Retrievers took over for a couple weeks to finish out his MH title. Lauren had Boone for only 4 days before they set out to their 1st master test together. They passed 2/2 which was Boone’s 6th pass and Master Title.

Boone carries dominant British Lab traits which include a calm demeanor along with intense focus, drive and willingness to learn. With his unmatched sense of smell, pheasant hunting comes about as natural as drinking water. He’s known for his ‘light switch’ personality. As the DRC Call Co shop mascot, he is a calm, loving family dog often looking for a head scratch. In the hunting blind, he flips that British lab switch putting all of his focus on marking birds. Upon release, he is lightning fast and makes quick work of any down fowl. There is no goose too big or dove too small. His strong hatred for winged creatures and intense love for humans makes him truly the best hunting buddy.

Boone’s pedigree is stacked with excellent bloodlines. He has a great amount of British Lab blood, so upland hunting comes as natural as waterfowl hunting. He is known for his small muscular frame (63lbs), eagerness to learn, easiness to handle and his incredible marking capabilities. We promote strong health in the Labrador Retriever breed, so all Dam’s must have health clearances and brucellosis test before breeding. Boone is cleared for – EIC, CNM, PRA/PRCD, Hips – 26m Good, Elbow 26m Normal. For full pedigree please view and search “Loefflers DRC Mr Boone”.

His offspring maintain that intense prey and retrieve drive that he has.Black and Yellow puppies are what to expect from him.All have been very attractive and healthy. In 2017 Boone and Cory will set their sights on a UKC HRCH title.

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