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love it

everything i wanted in a Honker call

purchased this call after owning a short drop for the past 5 years, always been worried about ordering a call online, but right out of the packaging this thing RIPS. had doubts about how responsive it would be but for being a long call you can STAND on it if you need to. Super goosey for low end finesse notes. all in all Super impressed with this call and cant wait to get my hands on an inmate or a core. Keep up the good work gentleman!

Sandhill Crane
Perfect Call

For somebody who is lucky enough to hunt both greaters and lesser sandhill cranes every year this call is a must. It’s almost unfair to the birds to be able to change the tone and sound of the call so quickly and easily. Between hunting for myself and guiding clients this call is a must in the crane fields. I’ve used almost every other crane call on the market and this is the one you will find on my lanyard year after year.

Harlot - Kodiak
Brockton Dossett
Harlot (Great Run Call

This call you can run all day !!! I’m 64 and had multiple spine surgeries so my diaphragm strength isn’t what use to be. Cory is right, it’s effortless!! This a broken feed rattle, chuckle machine!! Calls lock up from moisture. Moisture is produced when the tongue moves up and down , or back fourth when producing spit notes, rolling feee, or broken feed, ect.
Most of the moisture with this drains down holes in bottom tone board. Any other excess moisture some how drains down the tone board and is trapped behind the plastic or none cork wedge. No call his a 100 % lock up free or stick free but this is as close you will get. In cold cold temps it may slightly stick or freeze!! This call is revolutionary in that aspect. Ground breaking !! So easy to run, use in any hunting situation. I just don’t hunt but I buy and collect custom waterfowl calls . I don’t just have a few calls from most of Custom call companies / makers I have almost every acrylic duck and goose call they offer. You cant go wrong with this call!! Well worth the money!!!!!

Harlot - #226
Wess Larabee
Sweet call

This call is easy to run and sounds like a real hen.

Last duck call I will ever purchase

The Harlot call is like no other call out there. I personally found it so hard to do a rolling feed call until I picked this call up. Ever since then, I can't get the mallards out of my spread. The call is extremely versatile in the sense that you can call ducks that are really far off or ducks that are really close by. The call can get very loud, or you can soft call on it as well. I'm a hunter that use to have to bring 2 or 3 calls with me due to my calls sticking and freezing up. From my experience, the Harlot will not have that problem because of the integrated juice wells under the reed. I've used many duck calls, but nothing beats this one. In fact, I enjoyed this call so much I decided to buy the life sentence goose call. Well worth it. These are the only two calls I keep on my lanyard now. I have even looked into buying the short drip. These guys know how to make fantastic calls.

CORE - Black
Drew Hommes
The King

This is my go to for putting honkers in my lap. The control on this call is insanely good for how little air pressure it takes to operate. From beginner to advanced this one is able to hit every note in the vocabulary