A sudden, complete or marked change in something.
This call is just that when it comes to single reed duck calls. No sticking and no worn out cork. A complete change is exactly what this little nasty duck call is. Squeaky, whiny, and packed full of that bottom end duck call we all search for. No more talk about single reed vs. double reed because the Rev does it all. Combine the unmatched sound with the functionality of our “Moisture Control Grooves,” and “Stay-Tuned wedge system.” You have yourself a call that nothing can match. After all, it is a REVolution. The Rev has a more open bone in the exhaust end of the insert which in return gives you more volume. Hunting big water, open fields, or high pressure birds? This call will break them down right into your decoys. If you want to quiet down just pinch off the air and restrict with your mouth. This call will stay ducky and bring those greenheads right to your lap.