Life Sentence


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Our flagship call here at DRC. It is an easy blowing, easy learning call that will hit anything from high-pitched spit notes to the deep feeding murmurs and hiccups of those giant Canadas. The design of the long mouthpiece will help you break the reed over and the long insert provides the back pressure to create that perfect deep goosey tone. This call is great for any caller chasing big geese, especially those switching from a flute to a short reed. Calling contest titles?  It has a few of those as well!

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Insert Color

Black, White, Frost, Khaki, Smoke, OD Green, Jade, Gray, Purple Frost, Purple Pearl, Frost Blue, Black Cherry Pearl, Green Pearl, Frost Green, Timbergold

Mouth Piece Color

Black, White, Khaki, Dark Tan, Kodiak Brown, Jade, Carbon Pearl, Purple Frost, Dark Blue, Black Cherry Pearl, Frost Green


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