Life Sentence


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This one is for the big boys—the Giant Canada Goose—found in resident populations and as late season migrants across much of the U.S. and Canada. Designed with the Minnesota September goose season in mind, when we’re targeting family groups of the extra heavies and mimicking the deep honks, clucks, and murmurs of adult pairs. The long mouthpiece and insert of this call provide ample back pressure, making it easy to blow and producing a superb deep goosey tone. We often recommend this call to beginner goose callers for that reason, but don’t let that fool you. If you’re targeting big honkers this season, there’s no better call to have on your lanyard


Additional information

Insert Color

Black, White, Khaki, OD Green, Clear Green, Kodiak Brown, Timbergold, Carbon Pearl, Purple Pearl, Purple Frost, Smoke, Glass, Ivory, Black Cherry Pearl, Blue Pearl, Clear Blue

Mouth Piece Color

Black, White, Khaki, Dark Tan, OD Green, Clear Green, Purple Pearl, Clear Purple, Purple Frost, Glass, Ivory


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