Nodak Snow


Our Nodak Series Snow Goose call is now available. Listen to it here. (at the 25 second mark)


An all acrylic Snow Goose Call comes standard in White/Black. The NODAK Snow is simple and effective making it easy to learn and operate. Tuned to perfectly produce those high yelps, barks, and low feeding murmurs. Calling for long periods of time is no longer strenuous due to the fact that this call is made to produce lots of volume while requiring very little air. To make the Snow Bark simply say “HA!” into the call. To mimic Snows on the ground fighting over food say “Gu Gu Gu” or “Hu Hu Hu” into the call while not breaking the call over. No matter where you are in the flyway chasing whitey, the NODAK Snow is built for you.


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