Doing something halfway is frowned upon here at DRC. That is why when we set out to create a new call we wanted opinions from the top waterfowlers across the nation. When asking the top guides and contest callers, one word came up numerous times; versatility. They wanted something that was versatile enough to bring down migrators, yet could get soft enough when they are feet down in the decoys. With versatility on our mind, that led to the creation of DRC’s newest call. The CYCO. This is the most aggressive, yet versatile call DRC has ever produced. It’s not for the faint of heart. The CYCO features an open venturi-bore design which creates unmatched volume and a shorter barrel to get fast and aggressive. This call can pull migrators out of the Stratosphere. Additionally, with proper hand control and experience, can get downright nasty and finish even the most wary of Canada’s. Aspiring contest caller? Team the CYCO up with our APEX gut set if the top of the podium is where you want to be. You’re a hunter that likes to put meat in the freezer? Team this call up with our Raid gut set. The CYCO can be tuned to take very little air without affecting the volume. The options are truly endless. The versatility is unmatched. Chalk one up for the home team. The game has changed.