Short Drop XL


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After receiving feedback from some of the most experienced guides and waterfowlers chasing lessers down in TX, OK, and KS, what kept coming up was the need for more volume for various situations. They wanted a Short Drop sounding call with twice the volume. So in return we opened the bore on the insert adding a ton more volume to the standard Short Drop. Keep in mind more volume means more air is needed to operate. No matter if you’re looking for extra noise on those high wind days, or if you missed the flight line by ¾ of a mile this will be your go-to call.

Additional information

Insert Color

Black, Frost, Glass, OD Green, Dark Tan, Kodiak Brown, Timbergold, Purple Pearl, Purple Frost, Midnight Rage, Woodland Camo, Chartreuse

Mouth Piece Color

Black, White, Ivory, Khaki, Smoke, Neon Marsh, Jade, Carbon Pearl, Purple Frost, Purple Pearl, Blue Pearl, Blue Frost, American Swirl, Black Cherry Pearl, Timbergold, Clear Red


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