Short Drop XL


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Short Drop XL- Xtra Loud! The TX wind can blow the rust off an old car bumper, at least that’s what they tell me. They wanted a short drop sounding call with twice the volume! With that in mind I got to work. Opened the insert WAY up and added a ton of volume to the standard Short Drop. If you are looking for some extra noise on windy days, or if you missed the flight line by ¾ of a mile, this baby is your go-to. More volume means more air. This will require more air than the standard Short drop. The Short Drop XL has the special “XL” engraving around the insert.

Current Availability:

Inserts: Purple Pearl, Ivory, Kodiak Brown
Mouthpieces: Neon Marsh, Khaki

Additional information

Insert Color

Black, White, Purple Pearl, Ivory, Freedom Pearl, Kodiak Brown

Mouth Piece Color

Clear Blue, Frost Blue, Jade, Frost Jade, Kodiak Brown, White, Black, Neon Marsh, Clear Red, Khaki, Smoke Pearl, Smoke, Purple Rain, Purple Haze, Olive Pearl, Freedom Pearl, Storm Trooper