Short Drop


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The smallest short reed on the market blends volume, speed and ease of use. A must have for small geese and wary late season birds who think they’ve heard it all…Lessers are fast, obnoxious, aggressive little feeders and those are the exact sounds we’ve built into this call.

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Inserts: Black, White, Khaki, Smoke, Gray, Purple Haze
Mouthpieces: Black, White, Khaki, Purple Haze, Purple Rain, Kodiak Brown, Smoke Pearl, Neon Marsh, Clear Red, Clear Blue, Freedom Pearl

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Weight 0.25 lbs
Insert Color

Clear, Frost, Clear Blue, Frost Blue, Jade, Frost Jade, Kodiak Brown, Khaki, White, Frost White, Black, Flat Black, Frost Purple, Purple Pearl, Dark Gray, Clear Orange, Smoke, Frost Smoke, Green Pearl, Gray, Purple Haze, Purple Rain, Ivory, Storm Trooper

Mouth Piece Color

Clear Blue, Frost Blue, Jade, Frost Jade, Kodiak Brown, White, Black, Neon Marsh, Clear Red, Khaki, Smoke Pearl, Smoke, Purple Rain, Purple Haze, Olive Pearl, Freedom Pearl, Storm Trooper